Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Plans for the New Year

I don't make resolutions. In my mind, resolutions are doomed to fail. Personally, I have resolved to do things in December, and by February I've forgotten about it.

I do make plans and schedule changes. Completely different from resolutions. :)

I've decided that I need to improve my prayer life, I need to read more, and I need to improve my relationship with my kids. This is how I plan on doing all of that.

My relationship with God
I am using Proverbial Homemaker's Read Pray Love 2017 to attempt to be purposeful and diligent in my prayer life. Proverbial Homemaker is one of my favorite blogs! I'm so excited about this. Here's a quote from the email I got about Read Pray Love: "When you sign up, you'll get a whole year of fantastic accountability, tools, printables, and encouragement delivered right to your inbox. Together, we'll stay on track and pray diligently for our families!" Sounds good to me! :)

More reading
I spend so much time on my husband and my kids, I spend so little on myself. The result is overworked and stressed out mommy. So, that's why I wanted to leap for joy when I saw Young Wife's Guide's Reading Challenge 2017. She gives you a category and a book suggestion. But you don't have to read that book. It's just a way of getting you to read, and to read things you might not have known about or thought of on your own. She also has a reading challenge for men.

Getting to know my boys better
K, so, I homeschool. I'm with my boys all the daggon time. HOW can I not know them? lol!
I do, of course, know my boys. But, they have thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams that they might not share directly. So, I got me 3 of these:
It asks a different question every day for 3 years. Then you and your child can see how they've changed over the years. super fun. There are questions like "Would you rather be camping or watching a movie?" and "If you ruled the world, what would you change?" and "Are you mad at someone? Whom? Why?" There are silly questions and deep, personal questions. We'll work on these together (if they want... some of the questions are kind of personal), so it'll be a great way for my boys and I to connect individually.

Do you have any new plans or ideas on how to improve yourself in the coming year?

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